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At Lakeland Vision Institute, we place the highest importance on the fact that our clients have entrusted their vision care to our ocular care team. This is a “sacred trust” that we take very seriously. We strive to use the latest diagnostic equipment and the most effective treatment recommendations.

Know Your Surgeon

Dr. Wandzura is a highly accomplished and experienced ophthalmic surgeon. Since beginning practice in 2000, he has performed over 8000 cataract surgeries, over 5000 laser vision correction procedures, thousands of glaucoma laser procedures, thousands of eyelid malposition repairs and local excisions and many thousand more minor procedures (for example tear duct irrigation, punctual plug insertion, and eyelash removal). He is currently one of the busiest and most active ophthalmic surgeons in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Wandzura prides himself on achieving excellent post-operative refractive outcomes while at the same time maintaining an extremely low complication rate due to meticulous preparation for the surgical procedure. Busier surgeons are well known to have lower complication rates during unexpected challenges during the surgical procedure and Dr. Wandzura’s surgical complication rate consistently ranks lower with less frequent complications reported than the peer-reviewed and reported North American ophthalmic surgery complication rates.


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You can rest assured that you are in capable, confident and compassionate hands with Dr. Wandzura and the Lakeland Vision Institute team.

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