Mr. W.

I had cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants 2 years ago. I am 70 years old & still work as a professional driver. I had halos at the beginning, but after a few weeks I adjusted to my new lenses. Now night driving is not a problem for me at all. I can read entire […]

Mrs. K.

My cataract surgery has been sight & life-changing ! When I needed cataract surgery, I was given the choice of a multifocal lens (Restor). I was told that I would be a good candidate based on the health of my eyes. I didn’t hesitate because of the cost. I felt that my vision was worth […]

Mr. B.

Dr. Wandzura, I want to say how pleased I am with my new vision. I have elected for multifocal RESTOR lenses and I have not required any glasses since my surgery. I was aware that sometimes thin glasses may be required but I find that even for competition shooting, I don’t require glasses. My greatest […]

Mrs. M.

Dr Wandzura, I am extremely pleased with the results of my eye surgery. I had multifocal lenses implanted with a LASIK enhancement. I have not needed glasses at all and I am so pleased with my new vision. Thank you for your expertise & surgical skills.


Dr. Wandzura, Thank you for performing my mother’s cataract surgery. She is like a new woman, smiling more and even has started playing the piano again ! Given her dementia, I wasn’t sure how she would be after surgery. All I can say is that the surgery was miraculous for her & thank you again […]

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